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Based in Papamoa, Wayne Cockburn is a passionate MotorSport fan and keen photographer. A decision to combine his two passions lead to the creation of MotorSport Photography at the end of 2013.

He has been a keen Rally photographer since the late '90's and reckons that has seen more action at rally events through the viewfinder than he has without a camera!! A keen interest in motorcycling and passion for all things involving MotorSport has seen Wayne provide photography coverage of a wide range of events including Motorcycle Road Racing, Rallying and Jetsprints.

Wayne has formed productive working relationships with a number of media outlets, and it is through these relationships that he has been able to provide that all important media coverage for teams, and their sponsors. With over 20 years in Sales and Marketing, he understands all too well the importance of media coverage for sponsors, and recognised that mainstream media were not providing effective coverage for the sport. Since establishing a working relationship with the largest media organisation in the Bay of Plenty, Wayne has ensured that coverage of Sidecars, Motorcycle Road Racing, and Rallying has been a regular feature in the media.

Wayne can generally be seen at events around the North Island, so if you see him there (Look for the MotorSport Photography logo on his Hi-Viz) stop to say "Hi" and let him know the details of your bike/car/vehicles and he will keep an eye out for you on the track and will ensure he gets shots of you in action.

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