Mitre10 Mega Summer Series 2018

Mitre10 Mega Summer Series 2018

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The Mitre 10 Mega Summer Race Series is an enjoyable club racing series running over the summer months, with a variety of very competitive and exciting race classes. The Manawatu Car Club makes it easy for as many as possible to come racing with us.

The series consists of 3 rounds and the emphasis is on fun, enjoyment and camaraderie. Keen rivalries on the track lead to strong and lasting friendships off the track. And really, we are just racing for chocolate fish…

See the supplementary regulations for full details, the classes running are:

GT Cup
IB Cup
SF Cup
RS Cup

Break-out Lap Penalties
These apply to GT, IB, SF and RS Cups. This means that if you run too fast a time penalty is applied for each lap. Drivers who break out regularly will be required to move to the next fastest class.
Use the breakout time like this: if you do a time that is equal to or faster than the breakout time listed, time penalties will be applied to your time. It means you are competitive enough to consider moving up to the next class.

Note: New Class Splits For 2018
GT-A/GT-B Split in GT Cup:
GT Cup has now been split by breakout times, into GT-A, and GT-B respectively. Drivers will now nominate whether they are competing for ‘A’ or ‘B’ class points, and new breakout times have been added to show the separation for each sub-class. Competitors will accumulate points according to their respective sub-class. The highest points scorer in each sub-class will win the trophy for their sub-class, and the highest overall points scorer will win the class trophy outright.
For Example: if the GT-B winner happens to be most consistent with the most GT points total, then that driver will win the GT Cup outright as well as their sub-class.

Break out times are as follows:

Race Class Manfeild CCA: Break Out Penalty For Lap Times
BMMP Taupo: Break Out Penalty For Lap Times
RS Cup Faster than 1:30:00 Faster than 1:58:00
SF Cup Faster than 1:23:00 Faster than 1:51.00
IB Cup Faster than 1:17:00 Faster than 1:43:00
GT Cup GT-B Faster than 1:13:00 Faster than 1:39.00
GT Cup GT-A No breakout No breakout
Any other classes running at the meeting have no break-out time.

Note: New Rule For Race Series – No Lap Timing
In-car lap timing devices are now prohibited in the IB, SF and RS classes. Data loggers, lap timers, countdown timers, cell phones or any similar device that provides live information must not operate. Their displays must be removed during official qualifying and races. No pit-to-driver communication is permitted during qualifying and races. Failure to comply will result in the loss of all points accumulated in the meeting.
This rule has been introduced due to erratic and dangerous driving exhibited at previous rounds as drivers attempt to slow their lap time to stay under breakout and avoid a penalty. We want you to go hard and then go home safely, so lap timing will no longer be allowed in IB, SF and RS classes.

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