The Penrite Mainland Classic Tour of 2020

The Penrite Mainland Classic Tour of 2020

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Welcome to the Mainland Classic Tours!
On April 19, 2020 our Special one-off and final
Mainland Classic will begin. Will you join us?

There is always great interest coming in from far and wide, all
wanting to experience our unique elements of roads, climate and fellowship that we have here in New Zealand’s South Island, “the Mainland”!

Some of our overseas entrants often remind us that we are so lucky to be able to run such events without restrictions - well, we will keep doing it while we can and people want to keep coming!!

This will be our first Mainland Classic in ten years. This coming Mainland Classic has another exciting route, with fabulous scenery and uncluttered roads that the South Island is famous for - you see new country at every turn! All at a great time of the year – Autumn!
Hey, this is a great way to see New Zealand while having a holiday. But for 2020 we have a few changes – as you get with time. The event will be more relaxed, social and informative. Then for those who like their motoring a five day “After Tour” into some lovely countryside. This is an opportunity to drive on even more of the great roads this part of the world has. For anyone coming from overseas this is the way to see the South Island – mixing it with the local Kiwi’s.

Come and do what we believe is fun, - “turning petrol into pleasure" there’s nothing more delightful than the sight and sound of a group of classic vehicles coming down the road. Over the years we have brightened so many people’s lives by just seeing us out there!

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to receiving your entry for the upcoming 2020 Mainland Classic Tour, which will be as memorable as the last ten Mainland Classics’ have been.
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