Brent Shaw Brent Shaw, 25 September 2015 at 6:03 am

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Hi, my name is Brent, and I'm based in Hamilton, New Zealand.


I've been a bit of a petrolhead since I was a kid, and 34 years later, nothing's changed really - except the toys are a bit bigger and more expensive these days.


I built this website to help people find out about upcoming events quicker and easier, as I know how hard it is to source accurate and up to date info - particularly for the smaller club level stuff.


I hope will help to motivate people to be a part of the motoring community and get out there and have some fun in the real world - regardless of where they are, or what make, model or automotive category they're into.


I've got a few cars in the garage myself, but with all the work that I have been putting into the creation of this site in recent months, they certainly haven't been used as much as I would have liked. Hopefully this will change reasonably soon, as I'm dying to get back out on the track, or even just go for a cruise on a nice, sunny day.


I'll create a topic for each of them in the Build Threads section of the forum when I get a moment. I'd love to see what other people own and are working on as well, so feel free to start your own topics too.







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