, 16 February 2016 at 1:41 pm

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My wife Kayte and I bought some land in April last year.




It's about 10-15 minutes outside of Hamilton city, in Whatawhata (on the way to Raglan).




Approximately 6000m2 of almost flat land, with no major covenants, and surrounded by other lifestyle properties.




It even has its own 1km long straight for 'testing'!



The build planning and consent stages took longer than I'd hoped, and the grass got a little out of control...




But things finally kicked off in December, starting with our temporary driveway.




The ground was dug out, and a LOT of piles were driven in.




125 of them, ranging between 4-6m long each.




As with many areas around the Waikato, the ground is peaty and very soft, which is no good for the size and type of building we have planned. Thankfully we were aware of this before we purchased the land, so it was factored into our budget from the beginning.




A few truckloads of sand were brought in and poured over the piles to create the first level of our building platform.




This photo shows the difference in height from one end of the platform to the other - about a 1 metre drop.




Plastic sheeting and the start of the metal reinforcing.




And a week later our concrete base has been poured!




In the foreground is some of the steel framing that will be going up soon.




The arrival of our 25,000L water tank, as we aren't on the town supply.




More pics and info coming as we progress. Thanks for looking!


Quote , 23 February 2016 at 2:17 pm

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Main frames assembled and raised into position: 








It was pretty exciting driving down the road and being able to see the building for the first time! , 13 March 2016 at 1:10 pm

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A week later, and the roof is on...




And the mezzanine floor is well underway...




The hole in the floor is where the staircase will be: , 13 March 2016 at 1:26 pm

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We visited the site 6 days later, and in that time most of the exterior cladding has been added.




You can see the interior framing that has been added too, although I was so excited out seeing the outside that I forgot to take pictures on the inside. :)




More sand has been added around the building, so it's possible to drive through the garage doors now. This angle kinda reminds me of the Parthenon in Greece. :)




The next stage will be to finish off the cladding, add gutters and drainage pipes, and cut out the doors and windows.




Not a great shot due to the fading light and my potato phone camera, but you can see the wind farm towards Raglan here: , 27 March 2016 at 9:48 am

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Here's the progress since I took the last lot of photos 14 days ago.


One of the 3 garage doors installed:




One very bright red front door:




Doors, windows and joinery partly finished:




The windows on the top level haven't been cut out yet.




I was surprised and pleased to see that our Wisconsin Mound soil absorption system had been started and completely finished since our last visit. This is an alternative to a traditional rural septic system drain field, and is more suited to our soil type which has a high seasonal water table.




Tucked behind the building is our utility area, where our water tank has been installed.




Moving inside, this is the dividing wall between the garage and our house area on the bottom level:




Internal framing completed, as well as wiring, insulation, and the first grind of the floor:



One side of our mezzanine floor that overlooks the garage, with the enclosed staircase behind the wall to the left:




The mezzanine floor area on the other side of the staircase column creates a semi-enclosed area that we'll use for storage.




I need to borrow a wide angle lense to get some good photos of each area in its entirety. We've handed in our notice for our current residence now, and are using the long Easter weekend to start cleaning, sorting and packing for the big move in a few weeks.


Thanks for looking!

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